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Who are The Breathe Project?

History of Breathe

In 2006 The Breathe Project was initiated by four local young people who wanted to see youth activities and support for young people in their local area.

Over the past 12 years The Breathe Project has become an instrumental part of community life in Highland Perthshire, particularly in Aberfeldy and surrounding areas, the project is heavily relied upon and is really the only youth service provider in the area.

As a direct result of being needs led, we have developed a wide range of opportunities and activities for young people aged 8-25.

Like any organisation working in partnership is key to everything we do, Breathe is well thought of throughout the communities and businesses, parents and young people know of the good work we do.

The consistency of services and availability of our youth workers and volunteers has gone a long way in ensuring we have an exceptionally positive reputation in the area.


As the project has grown, it has developed a new and innovative model of youth work. It proved to be such a success that word spread widely, and the model has been sought out by other communities across Scotland. .We have also assisted local community organisations including the Rotary Club, Inner Wheel, Breadalbane Football Club, Aberfeldy Rugby Club and more, through either volunteers or transport.
The Breathe Project is about building a community with everyone involved; young and old, & we strive to deliver both professional youth work and youth ministry.We aim to provide an environment that is safe, nurturing and loving; this is a constant throughout all our work and allow us to build meaningful relationships.


an enviroment where the young people are safe, where they feel they belong and which they have ownership of, and where positive relationships can be developed;


to young people through various opportunities in line with their expressed interests. This includes, but is not restricted to, music, sport and centre based activities;


the young people's views and concepts of community, citizenship (local, national and global), belonging, and issues of belief, including additional, and entirely optional, opportunities to explore the Christian faith;


the young people to become involved in the consultation process of Breathe, giving them the opportunity to suggest ideas and facilitating them in carrying out their suggestions wherever possible;


support the young people through transitions stages by helping them to access advice and help, while supporting and developing the skills and mentoring roles of the volunteers;


will be at the centre of all activities by exploring the development of Mind, Body & Spirit;


Breathe is non-prejudiced and open to all young people regardless of religion, race, culture, health, sexuality and politics.

Meet Our Team

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Meet the team

Breathe Aberfeldy

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The Breathe Project falls under the umbrella of Aberfeldy Parish Church (charity no SC 007899)
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