May 11, 2019

Breathe Prayer Bulletin​ - May

Prayer Bulletin

May 2019

Think About...

How you can be involved and support our work. We understand face to face youth work isn’t for everyone, and thankfully there is so much more to our work and ministry and other areas which need people with a variety of different gifts. If you are interested in offering assistance, please get in touch.

Our new website is –

Remember our weekly work...

• Rocksteady
• Teen drop-in
• One to One support
• Schools work/group work
• Trips
• Yband
• Youth Group
• Team devotion, social and development 

Pray About...

Please pray for our weekly youth work and ministry. That we are always seeking Gods will and that He remains at the centre of all we are and do. Specifically for young people to continue feeling the Church is a safe, fun and nurturing environment. For new young people to attend our monthly youth services. And for new opportunities to explore the Christian faith, i.e. youth alphas, group work and one to ones. For our team, that we reflect what family is with one another and with young people and for continued development as a team. Becoming better youth workers and taking steps closer to knowing God. Please also pray about our work and the broader impact it is having. We have gained attention from different Church’s and presbyteries around Scotland, and this is an area we are keen to develop, having a positive impact on other areas but also enabling us to grow our team and growing Gods work here in Highland Perthshire. With a growing youth work and ministry and the team comes more responsibility and to create sustainability we need to continue prayer and other means of support including additional financial support. We believe God can and will provide this and we appreciate being covered in prayer. Rebecca Mcgrath serving in Bali. Please pray for safety and a profound impact at our fast approaching annual Alton Towers trip with around 50 young people going.

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